Indian Chief Parts
All parts supplies are subject to jurisdiction at Waiblingen, Germany.

A general warranty on all parts cannot be given as assembling them often requires an experienced mechanics! But if you should want to return a faulty part, I will of course take it back for exchange or refund.

Some parts are not always in stock, please ask!

Due to occasional problems with suppliers not being able to supply as promised, I can't guarantee that all parts will be available at the listed prices all the time, as sometimes I have to get sold-out parts from more expensive sources.

Prices can vary depending on the different suppliers, different quality and currency changes.

Generally prices go up, be prepared for that...

Please give me Your list of the parts You need - at best with original part number and description.

I will give You the quote then as soon as possible...

So please send me your order and I will confirm availability and prices.


Flywheel Parts



Screws, Bolts, Nuts


Carburetor + Tanks

Ignition Parts


Electrical Parts



Leaf Spring Forks

Girder Forks

Rear Shocks

Wheels + Brakes

Bolt-on Parts

Download the complete "Chief Parts" list

Many more small parts in stock! Please contact us!

Prices are in Euro (€) including 19% sales tax for EU countries.

Customers outside the EU can deduct 19% (divide the list prices by 1.19) to get their prices.
US customers currently can multily prices by 0.98 to get prices in US$.

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